Let's be all be honest. Nobody buys a Starion to putt down to the milk bar to buy fish and chips.

Fish and chips don't fit in a Starion.

But a Starion fits on a racetrack. Very damn nicely we might add.

Not all of us can afford the luxury of building a Starion racecar. But all of us have that urge that throw the Starion into the apex of a corner, and smash your right foot through the floor on the accelerator to power out of it! This is where the Winton Raceway 'fun day' comes into play.

We all met together, and enjoyed an easy cruise up to Winton, about 4-5 hours out of Melbourne. After quick safety inspection of the vehicles, and a very moderate entry fee, we were out on the track, testing the limits of both ourselves and the cars!

The experience is a real eye opener, to what you can and can't do in a road car. And an experience all of us whole heartedly recommend to everyone to give a shot! None of us can wait to get back out there, to the next 'fun day' that comes around!